Our Technical Literature will help explain in further detail any references which may help in your decision in finding an effective solution for your particular need.

Technical Literature will help answer questions regarding chemical compatibility, competitor comparisons, data sheets, and specific product details:


  • Chemical Compatibility: Compare and contrast our sealing material’s compatibility with thousands of chemicals to see which matches would be ideal.
  • Gumlast Comparison Charts: Compare and contrast our Gumlast™ L8010, L8013 and L8015 offerings against major competitor brands, Kalrez™ and Chemraz™.
  • Data Sheets & MSDS: For more specified references regarding our Gumlast™ offerings, the following tables are available: CPI/HPI/OG/Pharma Compound Reference Table, Gumlast™ Semicon Compound Reference Table, Gumlast™ MSDS.
  • O-ring Failure Chart: Descriptions, contributing factors, and suggested solutions to the different types of common O-ring failure, including: extrusion or nibbling, over-compression, spiral failure, heat hardening/thermal degradation, explosive decompression, chemical degradation, abrasion, plasticizer extraction, installation damage, and weather or ozone cracking.
  • MIL-STD-413C: Surface Quality Specification MIL-STD 413C regarding non-fill, mold deposit indentations, parting line indentation, excessive flash, foreign material, flow marks and off-register/mismatch.
  • RMA Tolerances: Tables and tips about the different RMA Dimensional Tolerances for Elastomeric Parts.