FloDynamix’s Material Scientists and Engineers can help you choose the right high-performance thermoplastic material for your application by considering temperature, mechanical properties, chemical resistance, biocompatibility, electrical properties and regulatory compliance. Our high-precision machining capabilities will prepare these thermoplastic material parts to your critical parameters and specifications with a high degree of repeatability. 

• High-performance engineering thermoplastic material

• High-performance fluoropolymers

• High-performance reinforced composites 

• Multiple engineered plastics

• Collaborative partnership with suppliers 

Engineering and Design Capabilities

• Cost effective custom thermoplastic material designs 

• Engineer-to-engineer collaboration 

• Rapid prototyping 

• CAD/CAM/3D FEA capabilities

• Knowledge of worldwide safety and regulatory requirements 

• Industry-specific approvals, including biomedical, food & beverage and healthcare

We develop long-term relationships with our end-users and suppliers. These collaborative relationships create an ideal environment to provide unique, simple and out-of-the box solutions to very complex problems.

Contact FloDynamix to learn how we can help in achieving your goals. Perfluoroelastomer technology is only one area we specialize in.  Stay tuned to this site for new perfluoroelastomer developments from our labs.

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