Flodynamix has developed an Ultra High Performance Elastomer (UHE), Kratos™ F22 series of O-rings and custom parts. The Kratos™ F22 series elastomers have been developed and being manufactured in the USA to close the gap between FKM and FFKM in multiple applications. To date, Kratos™ F22R parts have replaced many top FFKM brands in Semiconductor Processing with well over 80% cost savings.

Kratos™ F22 O-rings are designed for hazardous and contamination-sensitive environments, but are also environmentally-friendly. Kratos™ F22 O-rings and custom shaped seals offer outstanding value where FFKM utilization due to high cost could not be justified. Because of low coefficient of thermal expansion, F22 O-rings are drop-in replacement for existing hardware.

This Ultra High Performance Elastomer compound not only reduces cost of ownership over time, but also:

  • Incorporates fluorinated backbone and nano-fill architecture.
  • Uses an Interstitial Reinforcement System (IRS).
  • Allows for maximum service temperatures surpassing 275°C (527°F).
  • Contains no metals, refractory metals or metal oxides.
  • Eliminates contamination.
  • Is a cost-efficient drop-in replacement for existing hardware.
  • Bridges the gap between FKM and FFKM applications.
  • Reduces installed cost.
  • Improves PM cycle frequency.
  • Performs similar to FFKM with permeation properties similar to FKM and without deformation of FFKM.

Available Kratos™ F22 O-rings and Seals:

  • Kratos™ F22R  -  Contains no metals, refractory metals or metal oxides and is ideal for contamination sensitive processes.
  • Kratos™ F22W  -  Developed for aggressive oxidizers where UV emissions may also be present. F22W is FDA compliant and USP Class VI testing is underway.
  • Kratos™ F22Z  -  A non-filled, 100% polymeric architecture suited for low closure force and contamination sensitive applications. F22Z is FDA compliant as well.

Kratos™ F22 O-rings and Seals (PDF)

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