StemPAQ™ LT, HT & FP Series Valve Stem Packing

The use of V-rings and chevron style rings in piston seal applications is nothing new; such sealing solutions have been an industry standard for decades.  However, it is our selection of high performance materials that differentiates our valve stem packing from others. FloDynamix StemPAQ LT (low temperature) valve stem packing series is developed to operate from -45°F to 400°F, whereas the StemPAQ HT (high temperature) valve stem packing series provides continuous operation at temperature range of -25°F to 550°F with short term exposures to 575°F.  StemPAQ FP (fire proof) valve stem packing series is developed to prevent incidental fires by adding graphite reinforced cap to the packing column and conforms to API 607 3rd edition fire test protocols.  StemPAQ valve stem packing is available in 3-ring and 5-ring assemblies to accommodate various space availabilities.

Metal Bellows vs. Valve Stem Packing

Due to thin membrane structure, metal bellows are subject to corrosion and stress induced cycle fatigue failures.  As a result, valve manufacturers have sought alternative approaches like valve stem packing.  PTFE square-braided and rope packing, PTFE V-rings and graphite rings have been implemented. The problem with all PTFE packing is material creep and movement during temperature fluctuations, resulting in fugitive emissions.  The inherent problem with all graphite packing is increased stem friction and a need to continually increase loading force to achieve required emission standards.  StemPAQ™ valve stem packing solves this problem by incorporating a high performance perfluoroelastomer FFKM (Gumlast®) elastomeric V-ring in the packing structure for high temperature (HT) models and a high performance FKM V-ring for low temperature (LT) models.   Our valve stem packing offers excellent reduction in fugitive emissions below 1ppm levels with longer term performance.

*Data Image Courtesy of DuPont Performance Elastomers

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