We at FloDynamix try our best to deliver highest quality products to our clients in the Semiconductor, BioPharma, Chemical Processing, Pharmaceutical, Oil and Gas Exploration, Aerospace, and Petroleum industries. By cultivating successful, long-term relationships with our clients, we are able to innovate and improve upon our current offerings to better serve their needs.

From our sealing solutions that are specialized in design, sourcing and supply, to our air sampler and high performance plastics, FloDynamix will help in achieving your safety and efficiency goals.

  • FloPaq™ Mechanical Seals
  • StemPaq™ Valve-Stem Packing
  • Sealing Solutions: Our many sealing solutions ranging from Gumlast®, O-rings and custom shapes, StemPAQ, are products of our advanced polymer chemistry, which help maintain seal integrity and reduce both maintenance and operating costs. Our latest Kratos Ultra High Performance elastomer is replacing FFKM parts at 80% cost savings for most contamination sensitive applications.
  • High Performance Plastics: FloDynamix can prepare the right high-performance thermoplastic material for your application by considering temperature, mechanical properties, chemical resistance, biocompatibility, electrical properties and regulatory compliance.