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Fred Pourmirzaie
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FloDynamix Announces U.S. Made Gumlast™ L8010 Successfully Benchmarked Against Kalrez® 6375
FloDynamix LLC announced (September 08, 2009) that it's Gumlast™ L8010 has been successfully benchmarked against Kalrez® 6375 at Chevron Richmond refinery. Gumlast™ L8010 is 100% pure FFKM and is manufactured in the U.S.A.
September 08, 2009 – U.S. Made Gumlast™ L8010 Successfully Benchmarked Against Kalrez® 6375

ROHNERT PARK, California (September 08, 2009) – FloDynamix LLC announced today that its Gumlast™ L8010 has been successfully benchmarked against  Kalrez® 6375 at Chevron Richmond refinery.  Gumlast™ L8010 is 100% pure FFKM (perfluoroelastomer) and is manufactured in the U.S.A.  Utilizing the latest cross-linking and reinforcement techniques, multiple grades have been formulated to optimize the performance of the molded parts in many different applications.  Gumlast™ L8010 is manufactured in state of the art, highly modernized & ISO certified production lines with very high line yield.  Adding further value, the company’s Gumlast™ L8010 is priced at or near 50% of most other FFKMs in the market today.

Because of Kalrez® 6375’s quality reputation in the manufacturing industry, NuGenTec considers this benchmarking status to be noteworthy for a U.S.A. manufactured product with a significantly lower price point.  “ Kalrez® 6375 is a well known material for its chemical resistance and we are very excited to match its performance with Gumlast™ L8010 when exposed to the harsh refinery environment”, said Mr. Fred Pourmirzaie, Business Manager for FloDynamix, LLC. a division of Nugentec.

About Nugeneration Technologies (NuGenTec)

NuGenTec, a producer of high performance materials and chemicals is focused on delivering the best value to end-users across multiple market segments.  The company supplies customers in high-tech, medical device and industrial industry, in particular in the disk drive, semi-conductor, read-write head, precision optics, fiber optic, aerospace, and the printed circuit board industries.  Founded in 1997, NuGeneration Technologies produces over 600 products and develops solutions for customers based on inherent strengths in science and technology.  The business approach and philosophy is centered around “Total Process Integration” through specialty formulated chemistries.  By supporting customers' developments, the company is able to eliminate process limitations and meet the specific requirements that allow them to succeed. 

About FloDynamix™

FloDynamix had its beginning in early 2007 with the aim of providing solutions that substantially reduce unplanned leaks and spillage due to component failures.  Fugitive emissions from control valves as well as secondary Mechanical Seal failures in pumps contribute to loss of productivity and endangers health & safety of employees and surrounding community.  With environmental concerns at heart, FloDynamix™ strives in providing the most technologically sound products that keep cost of ownership at minimum while protecting people and assets.  In 2008 FloDynamix™ and Nugeneration Technologies joined forces to better serve the market.  While trained as Engineers & Scientists, FloDynamix™ founders have over 50 years of combined industry experience in Oil and Gas, Chemical Processing & Electronics industries.  NuGenTec adds to its core competency by joining forces with FloDynamix™ LLC.  With the Merger of FloDynamix™, the combined companies continue to offer a "Nu-Breed" of NuGeneration Products and services.

Kalrez® is a registered trademark of DuPont® Performance Elastomers.

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