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Fred Pourmirzaie
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FloDynamix Announces Gumlast™ Perfluorelastomer Line
Rohnert Park, CA (PRWEB) August 21, 2008 - FloDynamix LLC announced today that an agreement was reached to market very low cost perfluorelastomer manufactured under the trade name Gumlast®.

Gumlast is 100% pure Perfluoroelastomer and made from the very same backbone polymer as the major brands are made from. Under test conditions, Gumlast showed excellent properties when exposed to extremely harsh environments.

“New innovations in reinforcement and cross-linking technologies have enabled higher yields, thus reducing unit production costs in FFKM arena, and we are very pleased to be part of this exciting development” said Fred Pourmirzaie, Business Manager for FloDynamix a division of NuGeneration Technologies.

Gumlast is ideal for sectors like solar energy & flat panel display where high cost of manufacturing has delayed broader market penetration.

“Today some of these well known brands are molded in WWII era facilities with very poor line yields, resulting in much higher than normal unit production cost” added Mr. Pourmirzaie.

Gumlast is molded in highly modernized and ISO certified manufacturing lines with extremely low reject rates. 

FloDynamix LLC is ready to sample interested parties in all AS568 standard and Metric sizes in various grades as well as FDA and USP Class VI compliant compounds. For additional information, please contact Fred Pourmirzaie of FloDynamix at 925.690.5107, or visit

About NuGeneration Technologies, LLC (NuGenTec):

Nugentec is producer of high performance materials and chemicals is focused on delivering best value to end-users across multiple market segments.

Contact FloDynamix to learn how we can help in achieving your goals.
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